Using Beach Wedding Centerpieces for Your Happily-Ever-After

Weddings are about the coming together of two individuals (and their families), a celebration of love that they presently share and the love that they promise to nourish and uphold once united. Or so we were told. Nowadays, a wedding has got more to do with the venue and all those celebratory accoutrements that would potentially help in making your holy matrimony into that oh-so-coveted event of the season. Understandably then, more and more couples are going the non-traditional route and are ditching that stale chapel air for the crisp breeze of a seductive seaside setting.

Wedding flower centerpieces are a great way to create such a beautiful ambiance for your reception; they truly live up to their name by being a stunning focal point of the wedding room. The tradition of decorating your reception tables with flowers go a long way back; and it has always added to the superior décor of the wedding reception room. Flowers are universally associated with life and love-you cannot choose a better way to represent this auspicious occasion with.

Beach wedding centerpieces are an example of how a classic has been deftly modified for increasingly distinct, present day festivities. A good wedding planner (amateur or expert) alters the treasured yet dated and transforms it into an enviable piece of contemporary art. DIY options mean you don’t even have to break bank to achieve that chic bohemian look you desire. Flowers form an essential part of most beach wedding centerpieces but laid-back, casual milieus ensure that the eccentric in you need not worry. Candles, stones, and seashells can all be integrated as part of chic table settings. An assortment of petals and clean-lined vessels submerged with the odd glass floral arrangement (or limes!) can be another interesting and low-cost way of infusing your beach wedding centerpieces with some personality (and a sense of humor).

Wedding preparations, now, are not just limited to the usual traditional altar, picking the perfect wedding dresses, décor, menu, and or the venue; couples with time are trying to distinguish their weddings by adding personalized touches to it. A dream wedding is not complete without the proper decor. And for that it’s vital that the arrangements be such that whoever comes to the wedding be mesmerized by the setting and not feel the wedding to be the typical bland one. After all it’s a special day, so it should be the one people can admire for a long time.

Weddings, like all successful productions, are intended to charm audiences. The guests make an important part of the proceedings and their participation is most valued. A modern, exotic wedding can then be made more interactive by featuring unique wedding guest books as part of the program. However, in order to truly personalize your nuptials, planning in advance is imperative. Examples of unique wedding guest books include especially dedicated guest pages, a little rundown of the couples up-till-now, and testimonials from friends and family, among others. Given the pervasive nature of the Internet, overseas or long-distance relations need no longer feel excluded. Couples can choose to publish their unique wedding guest books online and allow absent revelers to partake in some of the merriment through their favorite social networking tool – the party, truly, has gone global.

Apart from these wedding flower centerpieces, you can add a little edge to your wedding preparations by placing a personalized wedding guest book on the reception table. Personalizing the wedding guest books lets your guests feel even more special than when you place the conventional ones. It’s a way of saying how much effort you have put forth for your guests.

A personalized wedding guest book can also bring about your aesthetic sense. You can play with different colors, themes, and or even get them monogrammed. You can add a personal touch on every page by stamping them with a different picture of your friends and family, so they can place their wishes on their respective page.

Your personalized wedding guest book needs not to be specifically in the shape of a scrapbook or an album; you can decorate a cardboard box and put in small placards inside for your guests to sign with their greetings. You just need a simple yet an artistic way of telling your guests they haven’t been forgotten!

5 Popular Banquet Halls in Mumbai That Are Breathtakingly Gorgeous

Finding a wedding venue forms the background to any perfect wedding. And when it’s Mumbai, then choosing the perfect wedding halls is very tricky. The venue you choose for your wedding should not only be the place you completely fall in love with but it should also meet all the event requirements. When choosing the venue, all you need to consider is the 3C’s i.e. costing, capacity and catering.

Here are the top 5 wedding venues in Mumbai that are super desirable and you actually want to know about.

1. Renaissance, Powai:

This beautiful venue is the perfect place to host your wedding. Situated beside the banks of the tranquil Powai Lake, this place offers walkways through lush greenery. It has elegantly designed rooms and a huge indoor and outdoor banquet space. You can choose your breathtaking Ballroom which has a tall ceiling and classy décor. Its splendid décor and beautiful interiors give your wedding the unique touch that will be talked about for years to come. Its dazzling outdoor areas include the luxuriant Renaissance Garden and the terrace with the view of a lake.

2. Blue Sea, Mumbai:

It is one of the luxurious banquets in the city with best facilities. Located in the posh area near Worli Sea face, this place offers an amazing view of the Arabian Sea and dazzling Bandra-Worli Sea link. This lavishly designed hall with modern interiors is just too perfect for your wedding day. It also has an attached outdoor terrace that completes the beautiful dining area with seating, buffet tables, and lives counters. Be it a traditional wedding ceremony or the modern one, the venue has a team that will make your wedding day the talk of the town.

3. Athena, Powai:

If you are looking for an elegant wedding venue, then Athena Banquets in Powai is the best option. It is a medium-sized banquet hall, ideal to plan your lavish wedding. With cozy settings and beautiful interiors, this place is just too perfect for your classy wedding. It has an efficient team of in-house decorators who adorn the venue the way you want. You can enjoy the delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine while feasting your eye on the beautiful Powai Lake. The wedding hall also offers ample parking space for your guests.

4. Mayfair Banquet, Worli:

This place sets a new benchmark with its cuisine and banqueting solutions. It has four plush banquet halls and an outdoor zone, which can be used separately or in a combined mode. The splendid banquet hall sets an ideal mood for a wedding. It offers extravagant multi-cuisine menus for every kind of appetite. What makes the venue extraordinary is the efficient and experienced service of the catering staff that assists you whenever required.

5. Sun and Sand, Juhu:

Situated in Juhu, this place is India’s first beach facing hotel. It is an ideal wedding place with two outdoor venues to choose from. Its party area is perfect to host grand weddings. Backed by an efficient staff, this place serves the delicious cuisine that makes your wedding more special. They have the in-house decorators for you to rest assure on them for your big day. They provide green room service and an overnight room for couples, free of cost. Beverage and food price is inclusive in the rental charges.

All these venues help you to choose that perfect space for your dream day. Be it a banquet hall, wedding hotel or a spacious lawn you can select the perfect place for the classy affair.